a-2022-guide-things-you-need-to-know-about-i-tip-hair-extension-for-black-hair A 2022 Guide: Things You Need to Know About I-Tip Hair Extension for Black Hair

Have you ever wanted healthy, shiny, and strong hair without compromising a healthy scalp? Hair is everything to almost everyone. Some even say that your hair is a representation of your whole being. Nobody wished to suffer from hair loss. Let's have an easy fix on how to have voluminous hair with an I-tip extension.

What is I-Tip Hair Extension?

Also known as microbeads is a different kind of hair extension where the tip itself is to be attached to hair strands using silicone beads that hold the hair extensions in place.

The hair sections are bonded to the I-tip or microbeads to create the desired look. These beads in the hair extensions are inserted into your hair by your hairdresser, who then uses a special kind of pliers.

I-tip hair extensions are applied in a way that is utterly distinctive way. Most hair extensions involve the use of sophisticated equipment, heating, or adhesive. But I-tip hair extension does not need any of these things at all.

This kind of hair extension provides a very pleasing natural appearance, allowing your I-tip hair extensions to appear highly similar to your actual hair. As a result of the lack of heating, installing the I-tip hair extension is somehow foolproof, so you can far less harm your natural hair.

Why is I-Tip Loved by the Many?

I-tips hair extensions are fantastic for black hair and other hair colors. It is also the best alternative as I-Tip provides convenient access to the scalp. Unlike other hair extensions such as sew-in, your natural mane is coiled up underneath the hair extensions. As a result, you'll waste considerable time in the stylist's seat.

Sew-ins might take three to six hours, but I-tip placement could be completed in an hour or two. Plus, your natural hair remains free to move and breathe. I-Tip hair extension also makes it possible to make your hair more versatile when it comes to styling your hair into a ponytail or topknot while still looking natural.

Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Lasts Longer?

The I-tip hair extensions last depending on their quality and materials used, with a proper hair extension aftercare routine. But most of the time, I-tip hair extensions last for 6 up to 9 months with utmost care.

Once you have your I-tip hair extensions installed, they can last up to the most with proper aftercare routine and attention. When it comes to the I-tips, the beads that hold them together will eventually break down because it weakens with every wash.

To avoid unwanted experiences, you may have your I-tip hair extensions maintained once in a while. Look for your professional hairstylist and have your beads retouched or tightened if needed to avoid slipping off from your hair in the middle of what you're doing.

How Much Does an I-Tip Hair Extension and Installation Costs?

This type of hair extension is not that cheap, and it must be regarded as a long-term commitment. Rates might vary depending on the thickness and length of the hair, although bundled black hair begins at $90. Crucial points to bear in mind would be that naturally curly textured hair is more expensive than black hair.

In this case, you should anticipate spending $5–$10 more for each bundle if you lengthen your hair far beyond the standard 12–14-inch range. The regular bundle consists of fifty pieces. For a full-on hair extension, you need approximately 250 pieces.

This would cost you an additional $300–$450 for the placement of hair extensions, according to whether your hairdresser rates through bundles or by the piece.

Further financial consideration will be whether or not you will require or desire to get your hair colored. Typically, this adds an extra $35 to the cost of each bundle. For black hair, the rate is as-is.


Your Natural Hair Won't Get Damaged

There are women whose biggest insecurities are their hair. That's why they do everything they can to take good care of their natural hair. Most women do things to protect their natural hair and keep it bouncy and looking great by having their hair done and wearing hair extensions. Which is normal. Everyone wants to be beautiful, feel beautiful.

I-Tip is one of the most preferred hair extensions for black hair and other natural colored hair. Unlike many other hair extensions, I-tip does not damage the natural hair. No adhesive, glue, or heat is necessary for installing the I-tip, plus the microbeads are so tiny that they won't even add weight to your head.

Whether you have black hair, the good thing about I-Tip hair extension is that it won't damage your hair and scalp, so it's safe to say that every dollar is worth it. But keep in mind that in order to have a 101% secure and safe installation of I-Tip hair extension, have your favorite or trusted hairstylist do it for you.

When using I-tips, it's indeed okay to combine them with some other kind of hair extensions, including such sew-ins and micro links. This is an excellent idea if you love to mix and match hairstyles to have more diversity in your appearance.

You Can Have it Reused

Since the I-tip hair extension can last longer with the utmost care, you don't have to buy another bundle or set of hair extensions if you ever decide to have them again. You can use your old I-tip hair so that way you can save more while having a hair extension.

I-Tip is the only technology that allows you to reuse specific hair extensions. Comparing the one-time adhesive technique implies a significant gain on your part and your bank account.

Do you want to know the pros and cons of installing I-tips hair extensions in your hair? Or maybe you're still undecided about what kind of hair extension you want to have? Here's an article that will help you decide and answer all your questions about I-tip hair extensions.

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Choosing what hair extension to use for your hair is confusing, especially if you don't know the kinds of hair extensions available. We hope that you've gotten to know how I-tip can do wonders for your hair with this article.

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