5 Celebrity fall hair trends

5 Celebrity Fall Hair Trends

#GOODHAIR is always a good idea, and it’s one of the best ways to boost your confidence. A good hair day can take you a long way and good hair can easily be achieved. Now that we are heading in to a new season (Pumpkin Lattes anyone?) it’s time for NYFW and new hair! Yes we love the red carpet hair looks and fashion runway looks we see-but how can we get that look too? That is super easy, with our 2022 Fall Hair Trends Report! See the new hair colors and hair trends for fall 2022. 

Wet and Wavy Hair: This fall it’s about less effort (or at leas the ILLUSION of it) and wet and wavy hair is in, this has been one of the biggest trends we are seeing every where. 

Kim Kardashian Hair Extensions

Recently at the VMAs Kim K and model Ashley Graham rocked the wet and wavy hair look!  This look is super easy to achieve. Simply add a beach wave spray, scrunch up the hair, and take a blow drier to the hair, a diffuser works best! Don't have naturally wavy hair? Adding in Indian Remy  Hair Extensions will give you a natural body wave with curl spray when washed! Indian women have gorgeous thick wavy hair and the extensions can be worn wavy or straight. When our Indian remy extensions are washed you can simply add curl gel to get this falls wet and wavy look. 

3 Toned Ombre Hair: Ok, our ombre obsession still isn't going anyway and the rooted hair and ombre look continue to dominate for this falls look. Something we are starting

 Ariana Grande Hair Extensions

to see now is three tone ombre hair. Instead of two color shades, the new hair look is going for 3 tone ombre colors. This is super easy to fake with ombre hair extensions even if you don't have ombre hair. Simply purchase a three tone ombre hair extension and voila-you will have an easy ombre look. The three tone ombre looks amazing, especially in a high ponytail look. Ariana Grande recently upgraded her extensions from 2 tone ombre to 3 tone ombre. This look is fun and stands out. Consider getting this look if you're ready to add a new color for fall. 

Long Mermaid Hair: Mermaid hair don't care, that is the fall trend, and this mermaid

 Mermaid Hair Extensions

hair trend keeps on going. This fall we transition from bright hues (pink pastel ombre etc) to warmer mermaid shades-purples, burgundy and denim blue hair! Long mermaid hair can be achieved by adding in 22 inch hair extensions or getting a chemical free mermaid hair extensions to achieve a brand new look. Mermaid hair is always a creative way to express yourself.

Medium Golden Shades with Roots: Thought it was all about the ice blonde? Think again. Rooted hair with medium golden shades are great for those that aren't ready to

 Rooted blonde hair extensions

lighten and brighten. Rooted hair is always a good idea and an easy transition in to the fall. Medium shades of blonde, baby light looks and medium tones are being shown. Add warmth to your hair with golden medium shades of blonde this fall.

Natural Hair Lengths: “NATURAL” is this fall 2016 preferred look for hair-the effortless

 Short Hair Extensions

beauty is in. This look is all about not trying too hard-but let’s be honest, it's all an illusion. The natural look still takes some work, because not all of us have that effortless #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS thing going for us. So we have little tricks to give us a better, more natural look. 14 and 16 inch extensions are in this season. Why would someone want short hair extensions? Well if you have thin or fine hair, adding in hair extensions will make your hair look that much better! Even if you want a shorter hair look, you may find that you still want volume! You can get that with short hair extrusions. Examples: Chrissy Teigen cut her hair but still added in extensions for volume! Even the gorgeous
celeb makeup artist Desi Perkins admitted she added in hair extensions to her new hair do because she has thinner hair! Just because you want a shorter hair look doesn't mean you need to give up your extensions! Long hair is gorgeous, but if you want a change for this fall, consider shorter lengths and add in a few pieces of 16 inch hair extensions to give your new natural length some volume! Photo Credit: Desi Perkins, IG

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