Common Application Mistakes For Tape-In Extensions

We all know tape-in hair extensions are definitely one of the top beauty hacks on the market. Bad hair cuts now have a simple fix and your thin and short hair days are finally over! All thanks to tape-in hair extensions. Now don’t get me wrong, tape-in hair extensions transformations are life changing, but an installation gone wrong can be your worst nightmare and even worse than a bad hair cut. Here are five common application mistakes to avoid to make sure your final transformation using tape-in extensions slays! Tape extensions are non-damaging and hassle free----IF done correct- prevent the common mistakes here! 

Not visiting a Certified Stylist

It is absolutely crucial to make sure that the stylist installing your tape-in extensions is certified. Why is this so important? Installing tape-in hair extensions is an art. There is a method to installing extensions. If your stylist has not been trained properly in this method your good hair day can turn into a bad one very quickly. Like with everything, education is the key to success. Not only could the outcome turn into a lopsided disaster but this can be extremely painful to your scalp and damaging to your natural hair. It is always important to keep your natural hair happy and health in addition to your tape-in extensions. This starts with a stylist who is educated on the product and installation method.

No Clarifying

There is nothing more embarrassing than being out in public running your hands through your hair and one of your extensions falling out. Don’t worry we all make mistakes and if you’re a die hard extension gal like I am you have to admit this has happened to you at least once. Come on you know exactly what I am talking about, where you shove it in your purse, try to act like nothing happened, and pray that no one around you saw. The number one rule before installing your tape-in extensions is to clarify your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Why is this so important? Clarifying your hair removes all excess oils from the hair. This allows the tape to set and the tape tabs to bond to one another. The most common reason for tape-in extensions slipping is due to the hair not being clarified before installation.

Improper Technique

When it comes to tape-in extensions there are two different types of methods used in installation depending on your natural hair. Thin hair problems? Don’t worry we got a method for you. If your hair is very thin and fine and you worry about the weight of the extension on your natural hair don’t stress it girl, you got options! The single sided method is designed for people whose natural hair can’t hold the weight of two tape wefts. This is a common application mistake when it comes to tap-in hair extensions. If your hair needs the single sided tape method because it cannot handle the weight of two tape wefts it can be very damaging on your natural hair and cause your natural hair to break. Keep in mind that just because your hair is thin does not mean that you must use this method. This is an alternative solution for people with hair that is very brittle or damaged.

Bad Placement

The placement of tape-in extensions is another common application mistake. This could be all the difference between a headache and HAIR LOSS and a successful install and the best extension experience of your life. One common mistake I see all the time is the extensions being applied too close to the scalp. If the extensions are applied too close to the root it will not allow the tape extension to move and cause too much friction between the the root of your natural hair and your scalp. This can cause severe scalp irritation and is very painful. To avoid this mistake place the tape tab about 1/4th of an inch from the root.

Application - Too Much Hair or Too little Hair

Aside from not clarifying the hair with a clarifying shampoo before installation, the second reason why your tape-in extensions my be slipping or damaging your hair is from applying too much hair in-between the tape wefts. Applying too much hair in-between the wefts will prevent the tape tabs from being able to bond to each other. On another note it is important to make sure your stylist is not applying too little hair in-between the tape wefts. Not only can this cause the extensions to slip out as well, but the weight on the extension can be damaging on your natural hair if it doesn’t have enough hair to support the weft.


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