Get Ombre, Balayage, or Dip Dyed Hair Extensions
These days we want it all. Sometimes we want a specific color hair extension set and it seems that no one out there carries it! Do not worry, you can have it all. If you want balayage hair extensions or ombre hair extensions you may want to consider getting our Lacer Custom Hair extensions made to save time and frustration. However, due to our high volume of custom orders, custom orders can take up to three weeks to arrive at your door! Sometimes you need your hair extensions right away! That is when you can consider Blonde tape in hair extensionscoloring your hair extensions.  Coloring your hair extensions is very easy to do.  Just keep in mind you never want to lighten your hair extensions! It is always better to go darker. A lot of our hair stylists like to start with our blonde hair extensions, as they are easy to color and get the perfect color result. Now keep in mind, with blonde hair extensions the color will develop faster. Also, higher developers could cause damage to your hair extensions if you're not careful. You want to leaveDip dyed hair extensions the color on half of the time that the instructions say. This is to ensure the color will not be too dark. Check the color every 5-10 minutes. You also want to make sure you are using high quality hair, because when you use a lower grade of hair the process may ruin the hair extensions. You want to paint the hair color on making sure to get all strands and color the hair extensions as you normally would. Since you are coloring your hair extensions you want to be sure to follow up with a color protecting shampoo and conditioner to ensure the color lasts.
See this amazing rainbow hair extension color done by our Pro Lauren. She took blonde tape in hair extensions and colored them neon bright colors. When coloring tape in extensions you want to be careful that you hand paint them and not to get any of the hair color on the tape wefts so the hair sticks at time of application.  She even did balayage hair extensions by hand painting brown on our blonde tape in extensions. With hair extensions you can have it all, and with our high quality hair you will have no problem coloring the hair extensions. If this seems like a lot of work, just order a custom order and we will get you all taken care of!  Ombre hair and balayage hair extensions are available to you!
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