Find your perfect hair extensions color.

Picking the right color of hair extensions is the most important step in getting a zero damage amazing transformation.

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Our human hair extensions are colored using a multi-tonal adapting technique. This means that lighter and darker strands of the same color are combined to ensure perfect blending, depth and dimension. This guarantees that the final color will work with a wider range of the same shade.

The color of the hair extensions should be matched to the ends of your hair, not the roots. Your own hair will sit on top of the extensions, blending perfectly.



#1 jet black.

  • this color is the darkest shade of black that we carry.   
  • this pure black comes with a cool blue undertone.

    #2-6 light ombre.

    • a lighter ombre going from chocolate brown to light brown.

    #6 light brown

    • the lightest brown we carry, with a mix of red and gold undertones seamlessly blended together.
    • easy to match with multiple light-brown color.

      #2 chocolate brown.

      • the darkest shade of brown we carry with a slight hint of red undertones.
      • the combination of warm red and cool brown undertones creates a rich brown shade that works great with dark-tone brown hair color.


        Always take into consideration the undertones of your natural hair when choosing the right shade of color. The undertones of your own hair should complement the undertones of the extensions.


        #12 Dark Golden Brown

        • our darkest shade of blonde with cold multi-tonal undertones.

        #613 light blonde. 

        • golden tone blonde with light yellow accents.
        • a light shade of blonde, not completely platinum.

        #60 platinum blonde.

        • cool-toned blonde color with white/silver undertones. 
        • the lightest shade of blonde, which is great for icy blonde hair colors.


        Your skin tone can also be a guide, as warm or cold hues complement different types of skin colors. For warm skin tones choose natural hair extensions with a rich golden or red base and for cool skin tones choose extensions with a neutral or blue base.


        #99J cherry red.

        • a deep red  color with rich violet undertones.


        3. If neither of these options work for you or you are not 100% certain, we are happy to help you pick the correct color via chat or e-mail.

         Remember to have fun when choosing your hair extensions color and count on us if you need help with anything, we are just a chat or e-mail away!

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