How To Pluck Human Hair Wigs

How To Pluck Human Hair Wigs

Plucking a wig is one of the crucial steps to follow while wearing a human hair wig. The hairstylist has been doing it over the ages to achieve natural-looking hair for their clients. Although some wigs come pre-plugged, you can still pluck it to make a realistic hairline, so that no one can tell the difference.


Many options are available, but the leading and most popular is the pre-plucked lace front wig. What makes them popular is the thin hairline that gives a real looking hairline. Many women desire them because it provides a natural look. Plucking wigs create a sort of baby hair right on the hairline to give an impression of the natural hairline.


Women prefer plucked wig over un-plucked one because you don't have to put in your time and effort in plucking them manually. Suppose you want a perfect looking hairline, then you can still pluck the already plucked wigs. It usually takes a lot of your time, but you can do it under less than 30 minutes if you are patient with experience.


However, for a wig that is not pre-plucked, it can look unnatural. You have to pluck on the wig manually to get a perfect wig. The following are some simple customization steps that you can perform on un-plucked wigs.


These steps will help you achieve your desired natural looking wig if you do not have the pre-plucked wig. Plucking wigs on a human hair wig, lace front wigs, and curly human hair wigs may look tedious, but you will find it easier once you get used to it.


It would help if you had a lunas cap with adjustable straps and combs, a dummy, some hair mousse, and coconut oil.


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Steps To Pluck Human Hair Wigs:

Step #1: Bleach The Knots Of Your Wig


Bleach the knots to make them invisible. This way, the wigs will appear more natural. This step is entirely optional, and you can skip this part if you are not sure. Start by bleaching the knots around the little dots at the base of the cap. It is where most of the hair is attached in a wig.


According to preference, take two scoops of bleach powder, and mix it in a developer. Keep the consistency of the developer slightly thicker, so that it does not seep into the hair. Make sure to apply the above concoction to the hair delicately. Do not apply too much pressure because doing so will sink the bleach right into the hair.


Step #2: Shampoo The Wig Cap

For a maximum desired result, let the bleach sit for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Next step, shampoo the area of the cap where the knot is bleached. Let it sit for 3 to 4 minutes before rinsing.


Although bleaching the hair knots gives you a natural-looking wig, it is highly recommended to ask an expert help for better results. If you think bleach would ruin your wig, apply some foundation inside the lace to achieve a seamlessly blended hair wig.


Step #3: Pluck The Wig

This is the important step where the wig is actually plucked. Use a mannequin and place the hair on and start customizing the hairline. For the wig that is already pre-plucked Wigs type, you need to do less plucking.


After you are done plucking hair, please take a little bit of mousse and apply it around the hairline. You can use a curling wand to help push hair back. Applying mousse will make it easier for you to tweeze hair.


Step #4: Dry Your Hair Wig

After completing step 3, be sure to dry the hair because drying makes it easier to see the hairline. Next, apply a small amount of coconut oil to your hair. Begin the process of plucking by getting a pair of best tweezers.


Choose quality tweezers for good results. Start tweezing from the front of the hairline and remove any knots of hair that are not adequately bleached. You need to follow the next step to separate the hair and go back into the hairline to tweeze.


Avoid plucking hair only at the front, because this does not remove any extra hair. Doing that will make it bulky, and the final look will be ruined. Be careful while tweezing, and don’t concentrate on one area for a long time. Also, avoid excess tweezing as it can lead to bald spots.


Step #5: Section Out Some More Hair

Sectioning out some more hair. Remember, this time, pluck some hair off the less thin sections than the other parts. The frontals will look more natural because it creates a gradation effect with the hairline for a natural look.


Step #6: Baby Hair

After finishing the natural hairline creation, recreate some baby hair by cutting a small strand of hair from the front part of the wig. This makes the hairline look natural, and your wig is ready to wear.


You can pluck a wig without using a tweezer and a mannequin. When you don’t have a tweezer, use your long nails to pluck the hair. It may be hard for some people, but it is not. Pluck your wig directly on your head when you don’t have a mannequin.


Hold your lace with a tight grip, so you don’t over-pluck. Some people prefer this way because you exactly know which direction you want your hairline to be with a wig on your head.


Tips To Make Wigs Hairline More Natural

Tips To Make Wigs Hairline More Natural


  • Tip #1: Take a picture of your natural hairline to use as a guide later for your Curly Wigs.


  • Tip #2: Create a thin hairline parting according to the photos. Make a small or thin parting to prevent too much hair loss.


  • Tip #3: Gather the rest of the hair, and pluck the excess hair. Work on achieving a gradual density once you have outlined your hairline.


  • Tip #4: Divide out some hair, don’t worry about the width because it does not have to be consistent. Now you can start plucking hair.


  • Tip #5: Continue to section out some more hair by plucking some hair off the less thin sections than the other parts. Gradually the frontals will start to look natural.


  • Tip #6: The final and most important step is to check whether any wig area looks denser than the other parts. If you notice some dense part, then right away, pluck away the excess hair. Doing the exact steps will ensure an authentic output, and the wig will look natural when you wear it.


  • Tip #7: Once you have completed all the plucking hair processes, you can happily wear or install wigs without any hassles. Grab the wig, and put your head inside the wigs. Tug it well on the sides and adjust the straps and clips for a proper fit. Style it any way you want and rock the wigs like never before.


With these easy, simple steps, anyone can look effortlessly chic by styling your wigs of any hair texture safely. Wig plucking makes any wigs better looking; your hair looks less artificial, and you can wear wigs with confidence and ease. Just remember the steps, and you are minutes away from flaunting a gorgeous natural-looking human hair wig.

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